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Oh how we miss one another.

Plagued by a torrential flow of fears, anxieties, doubts, desires and more, we sit meekly on the sidelines as life passes us by like a slow marching, out of tune marching band.

The creative spark within, the confusion, the big idea, the excitement, the new possibility all are squelched based on assumptions that we’ll be rejected. Outed. Laughed at. Banished. Look silly. (Confirming, often, our worst – unconscious yet untrue – fears!)

We fear losing – jobs and relationships. And face.

So we pretend. Almost at any cost.

Sugar coated messages with grin-effing faces. Glad handing in the front, sabotaging in the back. Agreement and consensus in name only.

This artifice lasts as long as make-up on the face. Everyone knows there’s a cover – up underway.

Meanwhile, the list of undiscussables grows, and the stench of the elephant’s carcass pierces all passages on the boardroom table.

Such is the terrible cost of indirect communications.

But the liberation that arises when inner direction is sought is transforming! Discovered are courage, commitment to conscious, constructive values – translated to personal or professional relationships – that have the power to shift relationships from near divorce to symbols of love; and near bankruptcy to a successful IPOs. And unworthiness to worthiness.

Find your voice. It is beautiful.

It just requires Self awareness. And a burning desire for it.

The wise leader. First: look within.



Here’s the real and proven path to rare, contributive and distinctive leadership – far above the norm. It is also the greatest untapped opportunity anywhere – professionally and personally.

Be who you say you are. What you declare or espouse is what you think, speak and act.


Unless the leader embodies espoused values, the organization is immediately undermined, no matter how much it tries to find purpose, or communicate brand, or recruit and retain employees, or earn enduring customers and all other organizational initiatives.

Leaders must “be the change” they want to see.

Walk the talk.

Embody the values.

Anything else simply fuels the already deeply entrenched mindset: “they’re all just the same.”

Or, “meh:” indifference.


But for the leader who wants to walk the talk, a “burning desire” for Self knowledge is imperative.

Self knowledge reveals what it means to be human fully. Fully human.

And with that knowledge one escapes the ego’s gravitational pull, and harnesses an extraordinary power that resides within, which is obscured by ignorance and unconscious conditioning. It’s not anyone’s fault. We don’t know what we don’t know. And traditional education and leadership programs rarely teach self knowledge, which is sourced in wisdom and proven over the ages.

Commitment to a teaching, and a teacher are pre-requisites alongside that burning desire. They’ll dissolve the eclipse of ignorance and conditioning.

The few that commit to this road less travelled realize a life full of meaning, fulfillment, prosperity, well being and more – professionally and personally.

That is the greatest contribution leaders can ever make: to themselves, their families, their organizations – and far beyond.

Because the new, clear Light that arises from this wisdom from within spreads far, deep and wide, inspiring many others to follow.

Peter Bromley

The wise leader. First: look within.

Clearlight Evolution.




Those with a quiet mind podium.

Those filled with desire (Gold) and anxiety (not Gold; or fear of disappointing another – family or sponsor) suffer.

Free is the athlete – or leader – unencumbered by expectations of the future, and regrets, or fears, of the past.

High, or elite, performance obliges cultivating a calm mind. One free of desires and fears.

To start, cultivate universal values that contribute to you, your family and a greater good. Learning that is an Olympian endeavour. A life long muscle building.

Take this on as if you life depends on it. Because in many ways it does, if you want a life of peace, prosperity, fulfillment, contentment and enduring well being.

Calm the mind; mount the podium.

The wise leader. First: look within.


That should encourage self reflection:
What are our own automatic reactions and responses? Do they arise from a set of conscious, constructive values that contribute, or is their source unconscious reactions that diminish and scorch relationships and results?
One of the most challenging behaviour shifts is to pause, contemplate, reflect and inquire prior to action. Too often we lapse into a world of apparent urgency, where speed trumps wise, skilled and attuned action. 
Too often driven by “driveness,” anxiety, fear and desire – all unconscious – we react to life from a set of conditioned impulses.
Some times they are appropriate. Sometimes not. Examine the results, or situation, of your life through a fierce moral inventory to begin to discern what works, what doesn’t work and why, and what else may be cultivated to realize a life of meaning, fulfillment, well being, prosperity and more – especially peace.
Peace of mind.
Peace of body.
Peace of heart. 
To generate more of what you want, and less of what you do not want – personally and professionally – inquiring into the source of our automatic responses – unconscious reactions or conscious, constructive values – makes a world of difference.
To many worlds, actually.
Because as within, so without.
The wise leader. First: look within.

BREAKING NEWS: AT SPROUTS ON SEPULVEDA (in beautiful Los Angeles, California)


The long line at the oxymoronic Express line gives one the chance to pause and observe. A brave gent suddenly entered the store, asking for our attention.

It was in a voice that usually announces a sweet deal of grapes: “get ‘em before they’re all gone!” But his message was vastly different.

He then calmly offered that those who have eggs, meat and fish in their baskets are killing live beings, and provided some vivid examples of how they are slaughtered.

His speech delivered, he turned and left as quickly as he came in. Perhaps it was PETA’s SWAT team.

An older gentleman behind scolded the messenger; I wondered who listened. Who could apprehend what’s being said when the message was short, yet blunt, and the messenger swift?

A shocked silence infused the store, and many children looked on wide-eyed, apparently listening. Or confused. Or both. Children always provide a measure of the efficacy of most anything.

Regardless, the swift speaker’s concern was about life.

Is it time we contemplate life in all its forms. In between shooting at it, warring with it, cursing it, hating it and slaughtering it.

Then there’s the opinion we have of ourselves. For many it ain’t pretty. The war within one’s self. That’s the biggest, deadliest war. Most wars start with one’s own sense of inadequacy. I’m not enough. I’m stupid. I am unworthy. I am insufficient.

Even people who have achieved much – famous leaders, artists and others – suffer from this dis-ease.

It’s a tragic case of mistaken identity. Mistaken because it is simply not true. It’s a biggie – often the source of all the carnage.

Imagine a scorched earth policy within. Many have that going on. So we chase fame, fortune, material things and anything that fills the gap, numbs the feeling of not enough – ness.

We addict. Drugs, sex, alcohol, phone, text – as a start – during those times the gap isn’t filled.

Anything to quieten the rambunctious mind.

The feverish rats spinning on the rats’ wheel.

The chattering monkeys.

Here’s the good news: A lasting remedy exists. You’re not what you think. (But you may have to change your cherished unconscious hopes and dreams. You’re even bigger than those.)

But because we’re unconscious to it, and unaware of the ancient practices of Self-inquiry from which Self-knowledge and wisdom may arise, our blindspot eclipses our light.

What does it mean to be human fully? This is not a simple question. It requires contemplation, study, and likely service to something other than our unconscious patterns. A greater good. A contribution beyond our material needs.

The good news is we are whole, limitless, complete, sublime – and ordinary – already. You were built that way, and just forgot, due to early conditioning. Early conditioning means we forgot that reality, then chase fame, fortune, anything to make us not feel our (apparent) insufficiency, and fill the (apparent) hole.

Time, perhaps, to dissolve the eclipse of unconscious ignorance and conditioning to realize our already existing magnificence.

Because that’s reality. (Look up Self-knowledge, or Self-inquiry, or Vedanta – not self-help – you’ll find it.)

It will make a world of difference. And: it is the road less travelled. Few dare following the streets with no name, a path with no light.

But even that is an illusion. Take a step into it. Then another. You’ll realize more than ever imagined.

All this contemplated – hands free – while waiting in a long line at Sprouts.

The wise leader. First: look within.





If a leader does not have a practice to calm, or still, the mind, then he or she is a follower.

Unless guided by the subtle intellect, a rarely used capacity we all have which discerns – through discipline brought about by Self inquiry – what’s really “going on” from what’s apparently arising, unconscious thoughts and feelings will drive values, behaviours and actions. From such a place diminished relationships and results will occur

Repeated use of the subtle intellect builds a capacity to restrain the mind’s feverish thoughts, feelings, desires and fears that cause so much disturbance: even violence and destruction (often directed to one’s self through harsh self criticism).

Cultivate the practice of calming the mind. It will make the world of difference. And you will unleash a power rare among leaders. Self awareness from which skilled, attuned action may arise, where relationships and results all flourish.

This is the highest performance.

The wise leader. First: Look within.




How much is lost because of a horrible, private (and false) fear that we are small, insufficient and insignificant?

So many see possibility and opportunity, but shrink (unconsciously) because of this fear.

This is a human tragedy, and one of its greatest opportunities. Giving voice to what you see, if consciously sourced from universal values such as contribution to a greater good, do no harm, generosity and others, has the chance to lift the veil of others’ unconsciousness and suffering.

And you have a chance to experience directly – and begin to know – your magnificence.

Disarm your unconscious patterns. Cultivate a deeper level of self awareness to realize your whole self.

Not the fragment that insists otherwise.

Relationships and results, personally and professionally, will shift for the better.

Then lost is found.

The wise leader. First: look within.