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If you want to see what you’re made of, only Self knowledge is required. Realize what is already here: limitless, whole, complete, sublime, ordinary Self.

Since our minds are cluttered thinking we are only a somebody if we have something, this “Self” is extremely confusing.

By all means pursue fortune, position, fame, medals, esteem.
Eventually you may realize what other very accomplished – even world famous – people learned:

“Is that all there is?”

Joy in not in objects, such as money, houses, cottages, paparazzi, medals and other “objects.”

Knowing all what you are made of will reap priceless reward. It is infinitely greater than you’re thinking. That’s why Self knowledge is required.

The wise leader. First: look within.

Clearlight Evolution.

Dissolve the eclipse of unconsciousness to give your all. 251055_10150332112130744_4254249_n


La foto por la que me odia el 99% de ASAAF

If only we saw our extraordinary Light behind the unconscious clouds of ravenous thoughts and feelings.

If only we took the time to listen

To the sublime melody of our Being.

If only we ignored the incessant rants and rages from an overactive mind.

A primitive, buggy software program buried miles deep, with service worse than a telco.

If only we realized we were not that software program.

But something far greater. And instead, on our knees, gasping at the radiant beauty, we realize: we are not our minds; but rather whole, limitless, complete, sublime – and quite ordinary.

If only we chose to commit to unearth that reality as diligently as we do to earn a living, make a name, amass a fortune, secure power.

Because we will realize we no longer have to earn a living, and all the other false Gods, as we are that already. And more. Much more that flows from Self realization.

Which is priceless.

If only the fragmented world agreed to participate in this whole experiment, to dance with reality as opposed to the figments that hop about on the cave’s walls (with the outcome guaranteed! It’s a happy ending!)

My, oh my, how we would enjoy one another, be fulfilled, and live freely. Participate in the enjoyment of one another – earth, people, planet, profit.

Free of anxieties, fears, doubts, shames, and other clubs we beat ourselves and others with.

Club free, only then would we see: “Ah! I have no violence in me to receive. So I have no violence to give. “

The wise leader. First: look within.

Clearlight Evolution.

Peter Bromley



Though likely well intentioned, conscious businesses are often derailed by unconsciousness. The understandable desire for profits, the fear of failure, the rush to market and the zeal to be first are all ingredients of both success and failure. So the more conscious the leader and leadership team are, the more likely they will succeed.

Too often conscious initiatives live as public relations gestures rather than their original intention: contribution to the greater good. This is a common blindspot.

Here are initial considerations to avoid the blindspot. 

Deeply reflect on the following if you are considering this business practice. The observations and initial questions posed will distinguish your vision, and help ensure its success over the long term.

1) Conscious business is an inspired idea; but backwards. You can’t make a business conscious without first ensuring the leader and leadership team are profoundly Self aware

2) So, conscious business is directly proportional to the consciousness of the leader and leadership team (and Board)

3) If the leader is conscious – as in Self aware, a result of a deeply entrenched practice of Self knowledge – then what flows from that is the foundation of a conscious business. Put another way, a leader who has a deep understanding of how to align “heart, mind and bottom line” will excel. But this only arises from deep work to “know thyself” 

4) A key measure is the degree to which espoused values are embodied impeccably. How the leader, leadership team and up, down and across the organization walk the talk

5) Studying, then embodying, universal values is imperative

6) The number one universal value? Do no injury (especially to one’s Self).

As a start of the inquiry, to what degree does your business “do no injury?” (question deliberately open ended).

If this question isn’t pondered for at least half a day you are likely not ready to be a conscious business.

Most importantly, leaders who practice Self knowledge – to learn what it means to be fully human, or human fully – are the only ones who may realize the ambition of a successful conscious business.

 That’s because
– Culture drives performance
– Leaders drive culture
– Culture plays “follow the leader”
– Leaders must “be the change” they want to see
– To “be the change,” Self knowledge is imperative; otherwise conscious business and high performing cultures are just cosmetic, with limited shelf life.


Here is one urgent consideration if you choose to explore this pathway: unfortunately, Self knowledge is a wisdom not taught in professional schools. Neither organizational behaviour nor psychology teach it.

You require a qualified teacher, a teaching and a burning desire for Self knowledge. The leader who embraces this will yield results and relationships that flourish – professionally and personally.

And the blindspot is eliminated.

The wise leader. First: look within.

Clearlight Evolution.

Peter Bromley




Much of my work with leaders, athletes, artists and teams involves removing unconscious patterns that eclipse their magnificence through a practice of Self knowledge, or Self awareness.

When eclipsed, we inhibit relationships and undermine results. We underperform. We don’t walk the talk, nor embody our chosen values.

Still, you can’t make magnificent what is already magnificent.

You can’t make great what is great already.

Put another way – you are great already.

And you have barriers to that. (We all do!)

Remove the barriers and voila, you realize You: whole, limitless, sublime, complete and yes, ordinary.

Through a program and practice of self awareness, one dissolves the early conditioning – it’s like an out of date, primitive, software program – that masks that pre-existing magnificence. One’s greatness.

The mask fits like a straitjacket, bindings of terrible fears about the future and regrets of the past. It’s a source of suffering, dis-ease, and so much more.

The mask comes with a chorus of incessant, feverish voices, uttering false chants, like “I am not moving fast enough,” or worse, “I am unworthy,” and many variations of similar themes.

Once freed from the straitjacket, liberated from those voices, one lives in –

Joy and freedom.

Acceptance and accommodation.

Love and peace.

It’s who we are.

Whether an individual, family, community, country or humanity.

(We just forget who we are alot).




Here’s the challenge. Society does a pretty good job of educating the matter parts of ourselves, like the mind and body.

But consciousness, which is the power source for matter, is all but ignored.

Education of the body, mind and another aspect – the gross intellect – is vital to navigate the world in your space suit.

But the study of Self knowledge engages consciousness (or Awareness, or Self). It develops another, pre-existing but little known muscle called the subtle intellect.

The power of the subtle intellect is limitless. It takes one beyond the limitations of the mind, with far more power to participate in, enjoy and contribute to life available to you.

The subtle intellect dissolves the eclipse of unconsciousness to reveal the Awareness, which illumines it all. Happiness, meaning, fulfillment, well being and much more arise from that Self knowledge.

It enables a calm mind from which skilled, attuned action may arise.

It enables one to learn about and embody universal values, such as “do no injury.”

It ends suffering.

It reveals one’s true nature: love.

Relationships and results – professionally and personally – thrive.

So it might be worthwhile to study the subtle intellect.

A life fulfilled depends on it.

The wise leader. First: look within.

Peter Bromley, Clearlight Evolution




Oh how we miss one another.

Plagued by a torrential flow of fears, anxieties, doubts, desires and more, we sit meekly on the sidelines as life passes us by like a slow marching, out of tune marching band.

The creative spark within, the confusion, the big idea, the excitement, the new possibility all are squelched based on assumptions that we’ll be rejected. Outed. Laughed at. Banished. Look silly. (Confirming, often, our worst – unconscious yet untrue – fears!)

We fear losing – jobs and relationships. And face.

So we pretend. Almost at any cost.

Sugar coated messages with grin-effing faces. Glad handing in the front, sabotaging in the back. Agreement and consensus in name only.

This artifice lasts as long as make-up on the face. Everyone knows there’s a cover – up underway.

Meanwhile, the list of undiscussables grows, and the stench of the elephant’s carcass pierces all passages on the boardroom table.

Such is the terrible cost of indirect communications.

But the liberation that arises when inner direction is sought is transforming! Discovered are courage, commitment to conscious, constructive values – translated to personal or professional relationships – that have the power to shift relationships from near divorce to symbols of love; and near bankruptcy to a successful IPOs. And unworthiness to worthiness.

Find your voice. It is beautiful.

It just requires Self awareness. And a burning desire for it.

The wise leader. First: look within.



Here’s the real and proven path to rare, contributive and distinctive leadership – far above the norm. It is also the greatest untapped opportunity anywhere – professionally and personally.

Be who you say you are. What you declare or espouse is what you think, speak and act.


Unless the leader embodies espoused values, the organization is immediately undermined, no matter how much it tries to find purpose, or communicate brand, or recruit and retain employees, or earn enduring customers and all other organizational initiatives.

Leaders must “be the change” they want to see.

Walk the talk.

Embody the values.

Anything else simply fuels the already deeply entrenched mindset: “they’re all just the same.”

Or, “meh:” indifference.


But for the leader who wants to walk the talk, a “burning desire” for Self knowledge is imperative.

Self knowledge reveals what it means to be human fully. Fully human.

And with that knowledge one escapes the ego’s gravitational pull, and harnesses an extraordinary power that resides within, which is obscured by ignorance and unconscious conditioning. It’s not anyone’s fault. We don’t know what we don’t know. And traditional education and leadership programs rarely teach self knowledge, which is sourced in wisdom and proven over the ages.

Commitment to a teaching, and a teacher are pre-requisites alongside that burning desire. They’ll dissolve the eclipse of ignorance and conditioning.

The few that commit to this road less travelled realize a life full of meaning, fulfillment, prosperity, well being and more – professionally and personally.

That is the greatest contribution leaders can ever make: to themselves, their families, their organizations – and far beyond.

Because the new, clear Light that arises from this wisdom from within spreads far, deep and wide, inspiring many others to follow.

Peter Bromley

The wise leader. First: look within.

Clearlight Evolution.