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November 2, 2015

Introducing “The wise leader: Leadership by heart, mind and bottom line.”

Even great leaders leave money on the table and relationships unfulfilled.

When hearing that, most seek solutions outside themselves – new hires, new software, improve creativity, re-brand, change the supply chain, downsize, right size – anything but harnessing the most powerful source for change anywhere: within oneself.

We proved that in our pioneering research that quantified the link among leaders, their organizational cultures and performance. Among our key findings:

  • Culture drives performance
  • Leaders drive culture
  • Culture plays follow the leader
  • Leaders must “be the change” they want to see
  • To “be the change” leaders must have a burning desire for self knowledge

The better the relationships, the better the results

Most lead – no matter how well educated or well intentioned – illumined by consciousness, and eclipsed by unconscious. It’s like driving a car with the pedal and brake depressed simultaneously. Release the brake – the unconscious patterns that impair us – and you’ll realize that far more exists.images-4

We’ve studied, practiced and harnessed the wisdom of self-awareness of the East and West and applied it to leadership, business and being human fully anywhere.

Our program begins to release the brake to realize and embody all of who you are: limitless, sublime, powerful, ordinary awareness. You’ll begin to be free from limiting patterns so unconscious you didn’t even know they operated in you for so long.

The program, at its essence, is like taking the Hubble telescope to look at the limitless universe within you. It will begin to clear the lens that obscures the ever-present light that always burns brightly.

Our program is ideal for those tired of seeking and striving for “the answer;” for those who want mental peace, skilled action, greater concentration, health and well being. And it’s especially appropriate for those who want greater meaning and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

Care to take a space shot beyond the ego’s unconscious gravitational pull to begin to realize all of who you really are? Care to see beyond great, elite and acclaimed?

It will make all the difference. Professionally and personally. To bottom lines and relationships.

I hope to see you November 21. Please call or write if you have questions and to register.



Peter Bromley, Chief Evolutionary Officer, Clearlight Evolution.

see) 647-519-1234 / e) /

Additional details

Fee: $799.00 ($Cdn) (Please note: price increases 2016) Cash or cheque gladly accepted.

When: 9 am – 5 pm. Saturday November 21 to Sunday November 22, 2015

Where: A lovely heritage property in downtown Toronto: YWCA, 87 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 0A8

Who: Peter Bromley, Chief Evolutionary Officer, Clearlight Evolution

Thank you.

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