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November 9, 2015
David Krakauer President Santa Fe Institute

David Krakauer
Santa Fe Institute


Hearts opened.

Minds expanded.

Opportunities conceived.

Many left pregnant, soon to birth the next contribution to a better world.

The greatest aspect of ourselves pierced rock. Light now infuses what once was dark, dense and impenetrable.

For one day and two nights I participated at an event called “Glimpses,” created by Red Bull, the global company that “gives wings to people and ideas,” in downtown Los Angeles.

It was a space shot, deep dialogue and exploration to see a new world – within and without – with 200 of some of the world’s most inspiring leaders and pioneers from business, science, military, government, academia, technology, sports, entertainment and the arts.

They included sublime actors, artists, musicians, Olympic, professional and pioneering athletes and coaches, peace keepers, social innovators, think tank founders, an extraordinary high school teacher from Palo Alto who runs the largest high school journalism program in the country,  and perhaps most astounding, one of Time’s Top 30 under 30: the 18 year old woman, inventor of a flash light that works when heated by hand.


All are committed utterly to selfless service. All are contributors to a greater good – for all, no exceptions – to elevate people and planet.

All are now making a world that lifts humanity.

All thanks to a rare treasure in human form: Andy Walshe. He is Red Bull’s Director of High Performance. Red Bull is the global energy beverage, high performance sports and multi-media company.

Andy received a standing ovation from these other treasures for his astonishing vision and commitment to expand humanity’s understanding of itself beyond its self-imposed limitations.

He makes the world a better place. More far more peaceful.


Red Bull’s “Glimpses” is to creativity (and much more) what the World Economic Forum is to business.

It brings all the pieces of excellence in the world together, and weaves a mirror to reveal an essential reality: humanity’s capacity is far, far greater than we think. There’s more to us than we know.

“Glimpses,” Andy’s creation, reveals the essential goodness of all of us, if we only stopped to consider the limitless goodness within us already. This weekend we stopped, listened and contemplated. Now we act, refreshed by that illumination.

Congratulations to Andy, Anna Christy, Emily-Rose Astiz-Black, Matthew Christensen, Per Lundstam and all other wonder workers at Red Bull High Performance that help us see far beyond ourselves and gives us a means to realize that.


And thank you to Red Bull’s inspired leadership for investing in a space program for humanity to realize its goodness. With those new wings we may now see, realize and contribute more.

Peter Bromley, Chief Evolutionary Officer, Clearlight Evolution

Evolve to excel. Excel to fulfill.

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Richard Montoya, acclaimed Spanish American actor, writer, social innovator, advocate. And that's just a partial list of accomplishments....

Richard Montoya, acclaimed Spanish American actor, writer, social innovator, advocate. And that’s just a partial list of accomplishments….

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