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October 21, 2016

If only we saw our extraordinary Light behind the unconscious clouds of ravenous thoughts and feelings.

If only we took the time to listen

To the sublime melody of our Being.

If only we ignored the incessant rants and rages from an overactive mind.

A primitive, buggy software program buried miles deep, with service worse than a telco.

If only we realized we were not that software program.

But something far greater. And instead, on our knees, gasping at the radiant beauty, we realize: we are not our minds; but rather whole, limitless, complete, sublime – and quite ordinary.

If only we chose to commit to unearth that reality as diligently as we do to earn a living, make a name, amass a fortune, secure power.

Because we will realize we no longer have to earn a living, and all the other false Gods, as we are that already. And more. Much more that flows from Self realization.

Which is priceless.

If only the fragmented world agreed to participate in this whole experiment, to dance with reality as opposed to the figments that hop about on the cave’s walls (with the outcome guaranteed! It’s a happy ending!)

My, oh my, how we would enjoy one another, be fulfilled, and live freely. Participate in the enjoyment of one another – earth, people, planet, profit.

Free of anxieties, fears, doubts, shames, and other clubs we beat ourselves and others with.

Club free, only then would we see: “Ah! I have no violence in me to receive. So I have no violence to give. “

The wise leader. First: look within.

Clearlight Evolution.

Peter Bromley

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