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AIRPLANE ENLIGHTENMENT. There’s something for everyone.

March 12, 2017

Observations on what ails the world  – with remedies.

“Don’t worry, we’re family here,” I said to the flight attendant as she passed the hot beverage across me in cramped quarters to my window occupying seat mate.

“We take care of one another.” The Golden Rule, remember?

High winds buffeting North America’s East coast this week made air travel in smaller planes uncomfortable, and any pass of scalding beverages in tiny quarters put one on higher alert.

But it was hardly life threatening.

Hurricane force winds blow across the world, perhaps strongest in the US.

Like gale force winds, it seems the family named “humanity” is pretty upset these days. So pissed that members of the family no longer speak.There’s a cost to that….

It is puzzling, bewildering and threatening that friends and family would host such radically different ideas than ourselves.

“How could they think that,” one ponders privately, judging the judger, convicting them of a crime of opinion.

In some cases,  family members want to kill other family members.

Or exclude them.

Or legislate against them.

Or deport.

Listening with the intention to learn – to seek to understand – is replaced with listening awaiting to be right. Or left.


It’s worthy of us to wonder if battling among ourselves advances us all in the long term. Whether we work together in organizations, or live together in families.

It doesn’t.

Gandhi, a wise, flawed human being, said, to paraphrase, an eye for an eye makes both blind.

Instead, what if we wondered how to co-create a life, business, governments and institutions that serve us all – on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually – so all thrive, all enjoy well being, all enjoy, all prosper?

Now I know some of you – even good friends and respected colleagues – will dismiss this as naive chatter. I have proof otherwise. Organizationally and institutionally. Relationships matter. The greater the Self awareness of the leader, the great the contribution. To bottom lines and relationship lines.

To be clear, Self knowledge bolsters results and relationships – professionally and personally.

But have we ever learned how to co-create a planet where all thrive – business, governments, institutions, global civil society and the planet – no exceptions


Time for that space shot. Further than Mars. Approaching infinity, but far more accessible.


Time to invest in the co-creation that future, which may be reached now, rather than one that makes one right and another poor.

To create that disruption requires Self knowledge. The only disruption that counts.

To know thyself. Be human fully. Fully human. It’s not technology.

It’s not hacking anything.

It’s not building something.

You are already built yet do not know the extraordinary power of the system and powers you’ve been given.

To thine own Self be true.

As within, so without.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

You can’t escape that lasting transformation begins and ends with(in) each of us (extraordinary, inspiring leaders are committed to this. I’ve proved this in research.).

You won’t like it because it takes time beyond quarterly results (I am a fan!), and commitment beyond podium finishes (a fan here too!). You won’t like it because your “auto-pilot” declares everything wrong except your rightness.

What if autopilot had, as its feature, diminishing returns, over the long term? (It does).

It will jar your temporarily comfortable lives. It will discuss undiscussables. Big dead white elephants will be removed. (Exponential growth arises from that dissolution).

The wise leader. First: Look within.

Clearlight Evolution.



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