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June 19, 2017

An enormous life lesson, this one.

It’s Sunday night, (or anytime, really) and often worries and anxieties revive after a weekend.

Perhaps it’s dread of the week ahead.

A big meeting. A lousy boss. A sick relative requiring care again. Money is lacking, demands aren’t. You are ill.

We do not want to be where we are.

We want something in the future. Relief from the experience we’re having.

Or we have regrets or shame of the past. That fear that history repeats itself.

We’re stuck. Un-free.

Torn between expectations of the future, and regrets or fears arising again from the past, we are ripped from anything now.

This polarity causes great suffering. Its source is ignorance. (Not stupidity, by the way; rather, a lack of knowledge, or awareness, about the nature of reality.)

This is very challenging, because our patterns, or conditioning, are deeply ingrained.

Specifically, you were taught the way the world worked, and how to navigate from the moment you entered the world.

Good boys do this.

Good girls do that.

Do well in school.

Follow your passion.

Life is eat or be eaten.

Don’t trust.

Love only.

You’re a worthless piece of shit.

You are perfect. Medals for everyone!

Or a billion variations and other themes.

These patterns are hard wired, buried miles deep, and operate unconsciously, ignited  when anxiety arises. And those strategies for survival kick in which toss and turn you from past or future incessantly. Fight, flight, numb.

Stuck in the moment.

Becoming aware of this autopilot is a first step. And learning that another way exists to thrive in the world accompanies that.

The former is called apparent reality. The latter, absolute reality.

Distinguishing one from the other, and responding to life exactly as it presents itself by harnessing chosen universal values, versus inherited values, will make a world of difference.

Professionally and personally.

Liberate yourself. Lead an examined life.

Know thyself. To thine own Self be true.

That’s the opportunity. Seize that like your life depends on it.

Because a life fulfilled, full of meaning, well being, prosperity and more lies within that realization.

This is the gift of embodying absolute reality.

Give peace – within – a chance.









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