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March 28, 2018

ImageHandlerAs governments, institutions and business organizations learn to walk the talk and embody espoused values, a group inside each is intent on accelerating the learning.

They’re the whistleblowers. People who publicly call into questions norms, practices and actions the organization leaves unchecked. Not scrutinized.

No longer are the Cabinet, Board, managers, employees, customers, media and civil society willing to give a free pass to unconscious patterns expressed as corruption, greed, abuse, violence, ignorance, theft and more.

Welcome to the era of the whistleblower culture.

It will pay to walk the talk, and learn to embody conscious, constructive and contributive values.

Be assured, the whistleblower culture exists in most organizations already. I interview them regularly. They are among the reason organizational culture underperform and account for inertia. Imperilling results and relationships.

Whistleblowers are gaining courage, traction and momentum.

Ultimately that’s a good thing for people, planet and profits. But it’s a steep learning curve also.


Peter Bromley

The wise leader

Reality School at Clearlight Evolution.


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