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Here’s what you won’t hear at your commencement.

May 15, 2018



Commencement speeches all are well-intentioned bits and bites of wisdom from supremely accomplished people who sincerely wish to contribute. They often offer a glimpse of a path towards apparent success.

Our definitions of success may require scrutiny, though. Too many are exhausted, addicted, drugged, and unhappy. Many, after acquiring much wealth, ask, “Is that all there is?”

They remain “unfree.” Imprisoned. In a cave, looking for a way out. They were told that fame and fortune would deliver a happy life. They weren’t taught that material stuff only delivers – at best – temporary happiness.

So no, far more exists. But few are taught this reality.

By all means take that hard earned degree and enjoy it.

But something else you may not yet know will make all the difference: in your life, in others’. Everywhere.


Your true vocation is to know yourself. Ancient wisdom proves that is your only end and purpose.

Know thyself.

To thine own Self be true.

As within, so without.

That knowledge, if it has not already begun, must begin now, if you wish to be all of you.

To know what it means to be fully human.

To know the Self.

Humans consist of two aspects: consciousness and matter. Using a source proved to enlight, you’ll know how to harness both. This isn’t touchy-feely, nor mystic woo-woo. It’s the science of consciousness that awakened many millions committed to know themselves for many thousands of years.

The result? A life well lived.


Full of meaning.


Well being.


Peace of mind.

Living values that are conscious, contribute and constructive.

Walk the talk and be the change.

So know your limitless, magnificent, whole, complete, sublime – and ordinary – self.

With that knowledge firmly known, see what arises from that as your contribution to yourself, your family – humanity.

It will be more fully formed than if you only act from your most excellent degree
(itself an enormous accomplishment).

But acting only on your degree risks that you chase money, power, fame and other unconscious aspects we all have, which tends to lead to unhappiness.

Know thyself.

For God’s sake.

For your sake.

You’ll love what you realize.

And you’ll be free of the cave.


Peter Bromley
The Wise Leader
Reality School at Clearlight Evolution





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