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June 5, 2018
I’ve met severely depressed billionaires,

Suicidal famous doctors and book authors,

Chronically self doubting Olympic athletes,

Beaten world champions,

Endurance athletes who quit,

Swamis who fuck their students,

Spiritual teachers fueled by greed and arrogance-and Spirit,

Rock stars and Chairmen of Boards who ask, “Is that all there is?”

Stars blinded and burdened by fame, suffering and harshness oozing from them,

Moms and dads who worry incessantly, worrying their children,

So many who drink, drug, sex, numb…

The Secrets of private lives.

Where sometimes life, precious, glorious, sublime, magnificent; hard, cruel, violent and absurd life hangs by a thread;

For those of us world weary and too tired to try again, yet still put one foot in front of the other, somehow still knowing that clouds of ignorance obscure the ever present sun.

It’s the sun we re-member when dis-membered.

A tiny shaft of light through stained glass caressing our shoulder, reminding us, “It’s the Light: there’s still more! Keep on revealing it!”

We all are doing our best, even those for whom that reality seems quite unlikely.

“Walk in another’s shoes ten miles before judging,” say the wise indigenous peoples.

They also say, “provide ten constructive solutions before offering one objection.”

For humanity’s sake, find love and kindness within yourself-it’s there, always- to be able to freely offer love and kindness to others.




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