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June 7, 2018



Voting is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong. It is great one votes. Congratulations! Good one!

But if you want to manifest what you voted for, then ongoing participation is required.

A vote elects; ongoing advocacy enacts. Both are required to serve democracy.

It is insufficient to vote for your favourite and assume she or he will carry your dreams and wishes to fruition. Too many are wanting their desires fulfilled, battling and paying for the attention of these folks.

Democracy is a 24/7 job, with each of us obliged to act. (Or not, then we get what we get, which is often not what we want).

It is a common misperception to think that the vote entitles us to good governance. We’ve done our part to fulfill some imaginary contract with clearly contracted outcomes.

Well, no.

To vote is the bare minimum to participate in democracy.

It guarantees nothing. Especially these days where our darker aspects seem to want to rebel and express rage by voting for rebels without a cause and babies without a bib.

Think of it like a relationship. Perhaps a marriage. We take vows. Those vows require enacting through learning and embodying.

Now, let’s give a fresh start. Here’s one possibility.

Let’s adopt a neighbourhood program – neighbourhood watch – where all neighbours in this community / city / province / country and world look out for one another.

In this contract, we co-create a thriving culture to ensure peace of mind, contribution to a greater good, and a population fulfilled, healthy and cared for. All equal in the eyes of God. Remember?

Including the planet.

Voting is a start.

Have a good start. Then see you tomorrow in the neighbourhood to ensure what we ask for is what we receive.

Peter Bromley
The Wise Leader
Reality School at Clearlight Evolution.
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