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June 26, 2018
Wonder about a world very different and very near
Amazing, isn’t it?
Reflect on the lives of Nelson Mandela. Or perhaps Gandhi (though for some a more complicated example).
Independent of complications, see how they live values to shift unconsciousness to consciousness.
Darkness to Light. Impossibility to opportunity.
Learning the language of their captors.
Walking in their shoes despite unimaginable hardship.
Holding on to an extraordinary vision where all thrive – even when hammering rocks over years of searing suns.
Learning about the cost of retribution – which makes all blind.
Being a stand for non-violence in the face of injustice, cruelty and hate.
Prime examples of humanity searching for shared meaning in the most extraordinary ways.
What they had we have.
It’s just eclipsed by conditioning which has an autopilot to lash out, react harshly, fragment, scorch.
If only we all knew: there’s far more to us than that that liberates above all.
But it’s our purpose and gift to enjoy a life well lived to learn what it means to be fully human – to know thyself – to manifest this wonder.
So far yet so near.
Peter Bromley
The Wise Leader
Reality School at Clearlight Evolution
#fear #humanity #purpose #leadership #retribution #contemplation #learning #selfknowledge #selfawareness #wisdom #disruption #liberation #freedom #civility #peace #peaceofmind #bethechange @mandela @gandhi #being #nonduality #culture
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