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October 19, 2018


This stunning tree teaches us about being fully human.


It stands out among all others just by being itself.

It does not have a large bank account.

It doesn’t own any property except that space given by nature.

And even that is borrowed.

It doesn’t run people, empires, numbers. (In fact, it contributes to all people and the planet).

It doesn’t think its limbs sag, leaves droop, or roots require trimming.

It performs its duties according to natural laws, following faithfully spring, summer, fall, winter.

No complaints. No meds to get it through the day.

It embodies faithfully many universal values:

-do no injury

And yet, despite all that, it stands out among the others.

No seeking, no striving, no driving required.

Just being as it is-fully-distinguishes it as is.







What more would you want then what you already have?

If only we take the time to see and know ourselves and then embody that, what a world this will be.

Peter Bromley
Applied wisdom: to flourish in life
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