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May 31, 2019


20boy-sits-a-chairAnd it’s time for peace.

War zones: they’re here – always within. Like the ones you may recall from Vietnam, or, more recently, Syria? They often start within. Products of disturbed minds.

Carnage, destruction and toxic smoke arise from burning rubble. Because we can’t see it, and because we often bury the thoughts and feelings miles deep, we barely know war rages, even though it’s smouldering, rancid and rotting. But there it is.

It manifests in actions attached to fear with stunning consequences: inequality, injustice, domination, violence, planetary ruination, addiction, judgements, self-absorption, shitty relationships but sometimes great ROI and fabulous early exits.

Their origins are complex, but too often sourced from mishandling in childhood which creates misidentification of who we really are, and misdirection in life. Chasing objects-fame, fortune, followers-all folly when one knows objects don’t make meaning nor fulfil nor provide peace and security.

Just cause suffering that lasts years. Often a lifetime. Hence the war zones.

We battle shadows and acquire outside. Blind eyes always.

Freedom from war exists inside. Learn to have your eyes-and heart-wide open.

Because peace is at hand.

Lay down your weaponry: and study what it means to be fully human.

That reveals and ensures enduring peace.


Peter Bromley

Applied wisdom: To flourish in life.

Clearlight Evolution





(Photo credit: Ali Hashisho/Reuters)


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