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March 30, 2020

It’s amazing what you might discover after a fall in the forest.

Including freedom.

With an invitation for you to consider at the end.

(A story from centuries’ past.)

The restless man left the castle late one night, needing air and a stroll to help induce sleep.

The forest beyond the castle looked inviting, so off he went towards it. Captivated by trees, aromas, silence and moonlight, he went deep into it, then whomp! It was easily a ten foot fall into a pit, he reckoned, through piercing pain and broken limbs.

He moaned weakly, knowing no one would be as foolish as he was, meandering about a dark forest. “How can I be so stupid?” he cried.

Sometime later, footsteps approached, and he yelped. A man looked down and said, “You poor lad. I’m a doctor. As soon as you’re out of there I will patch you back together without charge!” He threw a note into the pit providing details (apparently business cards were not in fashion at this time).

The broken limbs ached all the more after the visitor. Another missed opportunity, he thought, yelling, “I will never get out of here.”

But soon after that, another visitor came, a lawyer, who declared “We’ll sue the bastard who dug this pit. It’s negligence! Call me when out!” And he threw another note into the pit providing details.

His despair darkened, bleeding and broken with crushing pain. It’s still dark, a few hours before dawn. He fell into a light, very uncomfortable asleep.

Sometime later, loud footsteps. This time there’s something different. They’re right beside him. This man jumped into the pit.

What a fool, the broken man thought. And what a relief, too.

The broken man asked, “Why did you jump out of the pit?”

The man calmly said, “I’ve been in many pits. I know how to get out of most. And I am here to help you out of this pit.”

If you find yourself in a terrible pit, suffering, I am here.

I’ve been in many pits. I can help you get out of yours.

This offer is extended to those in crisis, suffering quietly, alone, scared, or pretending to be none of those.

My offer is extended especially to those who cannot pay and who may find themselves in crisis. An existential crisis, among others, perhaps.

It does not matter your position in life. A pit is a pit.

If you have means to pay, a donation is appreciated.

This is not a new business pitch, nor solicitation to fill your in box with coaching services.

I know pits. I know how to get out of many: I have great maps.

And I know it takes two to life ourselves from the pits and into freedom.

Peter Bromley

Applied wisdom: to flourish in life

Clearlight Evolution

(PS: I was told this story hundreds of years ago, likely when in a pit, or learning about freeing myself from them, but I cannot recall its original author).

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