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April 29, 2020


Here’s a test measuring love: love for one’s Self.

It’s vital these days.

Do you like your own company?

Has that shifted during this period of necessary isolation?

This is a test far greater than a life threatening virus.

And it arises directly as a result of this life threatening disease.

The question measures the degree to which we are comfortable in our own skin. If we like our solitude; if we enjoy being a party of one.

It certainly is a measure of one’s peace of mind.

It is near impossible to love one’s self (or anyone else for that matter) if the mind emits incessant tremors assessing whatever is occurring in one’s life as good or bad, or conjuring expectations of the future and fears and regrets of the past.

These are very difficult thoughts and feelings. People get sick from them.

Some thoughts are realities, and perfectly understandable, like when you can’t put food in front of your children, or worry about making next month’s rent. Too many wonders where the next meal will come from, and where the next month’s rent will also come from.

But other thoughts and feelings are unconscious and erode us. In fact, we are deluged by them, and pay them no attention, such is the efficacy of our unconscious, defensive patterns. We are unaware. And that unawareness causes suffering.

They arise from patterns within us – conditioning – hard wired in our earliest years (most often zero to around seven years old).

This churn, chum and tumult are extremely uncomfortable to sit in.

So, take a course! Learn the piano! Watch all TED talks! Learn Mandarin!  

But avoidance perpetuates. Getting to the other side of these feelings, that act as a straightjacket on our souls, is possible.


I had faulty wiring. I thought I was a pretty worthless piece of shit, because a parent told me so. I believed it. (I now do not blame that parent. He was pretty effed up, a result of childhood conditioning at the fists and venom of a violent doctor father. Where he may have found relief, in his later years, though, he found addiction and worse, instead).

If we’re lucky, we’ll know it’s up to us to seek. To commit to know what it means to be fully human. And stay on that very difficult road. (Good news: a map exists).


The world’s longest running pandemic is caused not from bats, but perhaps from battles in your earliest years when all sorts of strategies were employed to survive. It is the pandemic of a lack of self-worth, afflicting many millions, especially in the Western world and its unsettled mind with its disharmonious themes of harder!




Bank accounts!





Not good enough!

They’ll win!

Fast forward to today, now: see the appeal of those who urge you to take this course or that, learn a skill, read this, learn that, anything to do, do, do that keeps us from the pre-existing condition of an unsettled mind?

They are escape routes which may, momentarily, preoccupy the mind. But the buggy software program that is the mind is hard wired and buried miles deep.

Disturbance is one morning, one coffee, one upset away.

We are all Houdini’s, looking for quick fixes, hacks, glimpses and cheats to escape the disturbance that are our minds, those dread – full thoughts and gut punching feelings that infuse us moment to moment to moment. (All utterly false by the way, because if you knew who you really were and are, you’d settle nicely in this moment of isolation and enjoy the quiet, peace, beauty, that is always ever present.)

It takes more than a simple Instagram post to accomplish this in life. For example, you first require a burning desire to know what it means to be fully human. You require also a qualified teacher, then a proven source that enlightens, dissolves the ignorance that keeps us addicted to our feeble minds and its chum, and detritus.

Your contribution to humanity is to find that peace, beauty.

It’s amazing how a being like that attracts good company. Your own good company. You being fulfilled by you.

Then watch what happens.

Know yourself to love yourself.

Make isolation a source of love. Love (at last) of yourself.

Know yourself, know your beauty. Know your ordinariness.

Precious beyond words.

Peter Bromley

Applied wisdom: to flourish in life

Clearlight Evolution

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