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What to do to keep your head and heart when all about are not keeping theirs.

May 31, 2020


It seems popular to rant against or rally for police (and many others) now.
That’s understandable but probably unhelpful.

It misses the critical point

Besides, cheers, rants and rages are often just the ego being a trickster to deflect stuff that provokes difficult feelings within us.

A much larger reality exists, revealed through the answer to this question: to what degree do we all ensure the well being of all – people, planet, no exceptions?

Until we learn, then embody the universal value “do no injury,” we all have the fingerprints of the gun, or knees on necks.

This is not meant to be inflammatory, though it might be to some who think they are unable to commit such atrocities. But then if one took that famous “fierce moral inventory” – and was fierce – one would likely find astonishing levels of self harm, and unconscious harm to others that flow from that unconsciousness.

We are better – far better – than we know. We’re terribly afflicted by a worldwide pandemic that’s been around forever: a lack of self-worth. If we erased the ignorance that obscures who we really are, we wouldn’t be treating ourselves and others aspects of ourselves – other people, all planet – poorly. Because we wouldn’t have to prove our worth, or remedy fear, or fulfill desires, at another’s expense.

One police officer’s fear of powerlessness is another’s fear of poverty, or lack of worth or (fill in long blanks).

One kills life. One kills planets. One kills one’s self.

Ignorance kills; Self-knowledge fulfills: to know what it means to be fully human is a protest against your unconscious conditioning. A loving advocacy for yourself that exclaims “I am more than enough – and then some.”

A soul-stirring, affirming, chant of self-reverence (sadly, likely never before heard, because it was never before known).

Follow it.

Chant it.

Hear it.

Feel it.

Learn it.

Practice it.

Know it.

If only we could see who we really are, we’d riot in joy.


Peter Bromley

Applied wisdom to flourish in life.

Clearlight Evolution.

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