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ImageHandlerAs governments, institutions and business organizations learn to walk the talk and embody espoused values, a group inside each is intent on accelerating the learning.

They’re the whistleblowers. People who publicly call into questions norms, practices and actions the organization leaves unchecked. Not scrutinized.

No longer are the Cabinet, Board, managers, employees, customers, media and civil society willing to give a free pass to unconscious patterns expressed as corruption, greed, abuse, violence, ignorance, theft and more.

Welcome to the era of the whistleblower culture.

It will pay to walk the talk, and learn to embody conscious, constructive and contributive values.

Be assured, the whistleblower culture exists in most organizations already. I interview them regularly. They are among the reason organizational culture underperform and account for inertia. Imperilling results and relationships.

Whistleblowers are gaining courage, traction and momentum.

Ultimately that’s a good thing for people, planet and profits. But it’s a steep learning curve also.


Peter Bromley

The wise leader

Reality School at Clearlight Evolution.


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62383e93b4ba27b6953a85071ea26889The world is not getting crazier.

We don’t live in a VUCA or FUBAR world. That’s just more fuel to fires already raging; Pablum for scorched souls seeking meaning from superficial evidence.

Instead, we live in our mind’s hay wiring: a rat’s wheel of incessant fears and desires.

Conditioning, nuclear powered by early conditioning, with apps that misguide when should ofs would ofs and could ofs press our buttons.

Living with false identities and empty pursuits of fame, fortune we trudge up slippery ladders in search of something that we never will realize.

At least using this buggy, primitive software program that only seeks to fulfill expectations of the future, and regret fears and losses of the past. And oh my! The suffering: you, your family, community, organization, country – even all humanity. Driven entirely by false data pretending to be real.

There’s a trickster in every mind. Know yours?

No, the world is fine as is. So too you, if you learned the ways of the world, free of early conditioning, and full of spirit.

Learn your real nature to free yourself from a terrible, binding artificial reality.

You love what you see.


Peter Bromley

The Wise Leader

Clear light Evolution

March 18, 2018



(Warning to readers: It’s not what you may think)


I just wrote to a well respected, Ted Talk accomplished, American climate scientist who admitted she had crippling self doubt.


Imagine! Someone admits this all too common reality on social media!


I thanked her for rare candor, applauded her heartfelt writing and invited her to write from that abundant space called self doubt.


I know this place very well also. A place of so much acute suffering; and so much sublime possibility.


Which is why I learn this ancient wisdom stuff called Self knowledge, that reveals the real nature of ourselves. (And it’s not what we think).


Then, I write, teach and speak as I dissolve the eclipse of ignorance that I am insufficient.


Sometimes that sharing is even from a supine position, with writing a means to build a ladder out of the pit of often brutal insignificance towards the embodiment of the reality.


To walk the talk. And embody conscious, constructive and contributive values.


The reality is largely unknown to us. But it is the reality – and a birthright: we are whole, limitless, sublime, complete, magnificent – and ordinary.


However, we’re taught subsets of significance, which is like teaching only fractions and not whole numbers in mathematics.


So you’ll have chances to sign up for courses like happiness, gratitude, mindfulness or other helpful but incomplete practices under the understandable but mistaken belief that doing something will resolve an existential crisis of mistaken identity. That learning fractions will make you whole (Note to Self: You are already whole! Know that.)


The knowledge of the Self is likely a life lesson that’s life long.


And it requires a patience rare in the feverish Western mind, a tenacity matching – or perhaps beyond – even the greatest of Olympic champions, and a faith that all you learned is a fraction of what has yet be seen. You’ll love what you will realize (partial list):

  • Meaning and fulfillment
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence (which means “with faith.”
  • Well being
  • Contentment
  • Acceptance
  • Prosperity
  • Relationships that flourish – professionally and personally
  • The leader / athlete / parent / person people aspire to

Moreover, you’ll love what you see.


You’ll love what we see.


Peter Bromley

The Wise Leader

Reality School at Clearlight Evolution.




I took up ultra marathoning as a spiritual practice.

Strange isn’t it? But years of study, contemplation and practice also requires application and embodiment of wisdom learned.
There’s a key distinction in the wisdom I study. When knowledge is firm, you don’t need and experience to know it is true.
For example, you know your name. You don’t need a name tag when you get up in the morning. Or, you know how gravity operates. You don’t need to jump out of a plane to prove it.
I wanted to explore the limits of human capacity. I sought the knowledge and experience of that. I have wise teachers who teach a proven means of knowledge – the science of consciousness – and the end of “seeking.”

Now, to be clear, my efforts in athletics are extremely modest by most measures.

I chose to run a 50 km ultramarathon to start.

Increasingly, and with humility, this seems to be the entry point for many ultra – or endurance – athletes.

But I was struck by what a colleague said as I embarked on my training: specifically, when the mind is going crazy, and the body wants to quit, you have at least 30% more left to give. 
Or, in a business setting, you have at least 30% more to contribute when your “experience” says you’re done. When you think you’re finished.
It’s not true.

My experience and now knowledge is that our capacities are far more than our bodies and minds allow us to realize. But unconscious patterns and conditioning limit us, inhibiting relationships and results, sabotaging what we value.

We are far more than we think. The reality is that we are whole, limitless, sublime, magnificent, complete – and ordinary.

Few know this reality though, and suffer greatly as a result – professionally and personally.

There is a serious, world wide pandemic. Many of us suffer from unconscious patterns that limit us. Those patterns show up as private, internal conversations. Those murmurings late at night, or in anxious situations.
Those conversations? You are unworthy.
You’re not quite cutting it.
You’re behind.
When you study self-knowledge, you realize that is the case of mistaken identity.

Utterly false! 
Neti, neti. (Not this, not that).

So, on this journey running the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, a moment to moment to moment awareness is interrupted by a fall.

The well developed, conscious practice of this athlete checks all systems: what is the body whispering? What is the mind fearing or desiring? What is the ego masking? What is the intellect instructing, guided by the highest values that bolster peace of mind and performance?

Oh…the fall… no matter. Something to be observed. No fault. I am not stupid, dumb, too foolhardy, too old, too…too

No judgment.

No critic.

Enough self – harshness has been dealt this one to last many lifetimes.
Just get up and resume. And enjoy.

The chance to participate in life, bathe in its stunning nature, is a precious gift. To enjoy it may require some self-awareness, so when falls occur, self-awareness arises. It’s just life.

Learn to be free of expectations of the future, and regrets, or fears, of the past. That enables flow, sourcing the highest performance

Celebrate that.

Be you.

All of you.

And thank you for giving us that magnificence.


 — at Temescal Gateway Park.


An enormous life lesson, this one.

It’s Sunday night, (or anytime, really) and often worries and anxieties revive after a weekend.

Perhaps it’s dread of the week ahead.

A big meeting. A lousy boss. A sick relative requiring care again. Money is lacking, demands aren’t. You are ill.

We do not want to be where we are.

We want something in the future. Relief from the experience we’re having.

Or we have regrets or shame of the past. That fear that history repeats itself.

We’re stuck. Un-free.

Torn between expectations of the future, and regrets or fears arising again from the past, we are ripped from anything now.

This polarity causes great suffering. Its source is ignorance. (Not stupidity, by the way; rather, a lack of knowledge, or awareness, about the nature of reality.)

This is very challenging, because our patterns, or conditioning, are deeply ingrained.

Specifically, you were taught the way the world worked, and how to navigate from the moment you entered the world.

Good boys do this.

Good girls do that.

Do well in school.

Follow your passion.

Life is eat or be eaten.

Don’t trust.

Love only.

You’re a worthless piece of shit.

You are perfect. Medals for everyone!

Or a billion variations and other themes.

These patterns are hard wired, buried miles deep, and operate unconsciously, ignited  when anxiety arises. And those strategies for survival kick in which toss and turn you from past or future incessantly. Fight, flight, numb.

Stuck in the moment.

Becoming aware of this autopilot is a first step. And learning that another way exists to thrive in the world accompanies that.

The former is called apparent reality. The latter, absolute reality.

Distinguishing one from the other, and responding to life exactly as it presents itself by harnessing chosen universal values, versus inherited values, will make a world of difference.

Professionally and personally.

Liberate yourself. Lead an examined life.

Know thyself. To thine own Self be true.

That’s the opportunity. Seize that like your life depends on it.

Because a life fulfilled, full of meaning, well being, prosperity and more lies within that realization.

This is the gift of embodying absolute reality.

Give peace – within – a chance.










Tonight, in Canada, a party chooses a leader while the country naps. The pattern is the same the world over. A possible remedy. 

If you want to know where some white men and women are tonight in Toronto, Canada, they’re choosing the latest white leader of their national party, called Conservative. It seems the vote is for the voice that best chants dogma, not intellect. That’s why it’s taken 14 or so ballots of mouth breathing excitement to choose one leader.

That leader, by the way, has the chance to show muscle, talking points and good grooming against “Sunny ways” Justin Trudeau, who, at one time, showed promise. But, like so many in business and politics, promise occurs when values espoused are values embodied. Precious little evidence of that exists.

Right now Mr. Trudeau is adept at staged photo opps running along Vancouver’s glorious “Sea Wall,” and sincere apologies to Indigenous and other groups, while still finding the way to walk the talk that doesn’t upset his public relations handlers. Hence the name “Sunny Ways.” That he’s “snacky,” as one very attuned, female friend puts it, helps his electability, it seems.

The political system called democracy collapsed yonks ago, yet PR agencies and the corporate funders fuel the fantasy that democracy and freedom are as strong as ever. This is true for all of those affected by the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) – USA, Canada and Mexico. Each leader and aspirant chants dutifully from a hymn book created by Burson Marstellar, Hill and Knowlton, Ketchum and all other powerful, global public relations agencies hired by corporations to ensure their chosen puppet obeys by reading from a five point message track. That recitation is supported, of course, by media training experts who know that when when lowers his chin, or wears distinguishing apparel, the voter appeal escalates exponentially.

But back to tonight in this slumber fest: this depleted Canadian Conservative party, undermined by a helmet-headed leader too long in office and too fixed positions, and who thought leadership was being a dom in a dom / sub relationship, is now in the 13th or so ballot to choose a leader among a flock of geese who chant positions consistent with Red Torys, fiscal conservative and social conservatives. No wonder it’s so hard to choose among various gradations of vanilla.

Even Shark Tank survivor, another, light weight, deep pocketed reality star favourite, Kevin O’Leary, (led by the Canadian Chairman of an international public relations agency) chants praise for the current front runner, a handsome, empty suit who’s sole claim to fame was being caught with sensitive files in his lover’s hands while pants down. But because he’s bilingual (a big deal in Canada) and somewhat snacky, then he’s likely to take the tarnished mantle of vanilla leadership.

Strength is not allegiance to dogma. Strength is choosing to examine universal values – that which makes the world whole – and declare allegiance to them. And fiercely learn to embody them – not an easy task – and far beyond a public relations agency’s capacity and mandate. Through that lens, silly historic positions of liberal, conservative, right, left, wrong, right, elephants and dinosaurs are thrown out.

Instead, leaders examine actions through a rigorous, attuned lens of these universal values.

First among them?

Do no injury.

Among the other universal values includes

  • The Golden Rule (do unto others, as you would have others do unto you)
  • Dispassion (understanding the world delivers what it delivers, independent of your ego’s desires. The wise act from whatever the world delivers).
  • Accommodation ( a willingness to listen and accept other points of view)
  • Do no harm (Imagine! – And worth repeating)
  • Authenticity (What you say, and how you act are in alignment)
  • Faith (If you live universal values, you tend to get more of what you want, less of what you don’t want)
  • Contemplation (seriously: unhook from the overactive mind and put yourself with a wise teacher and contemplate on the big questions that matter and that contribute to the greater good, and not to your puny, small minded ego – which is a disservice to yourself and others)
  • Discernment (as in sometimes a mix of right, left and otherwise is right action)

So, the Conservative Party of Canada tonight seems destined to walk a path pre-ordained by PR types and their overlords. But so too the Liberal and other faux parties.

But who will take a stand for a new relationship among business, government, institutions and global civil society. It seems not this lot. Here in Canada, nor around the world.

We are better than this – far better. Shed the landlocked, unchallenged ideals that create a them and us when in fact we are a we, just wondering how to make a difference in the world, make the world a better place for our children and reduce the quiet suffering so many subsist on just to get by.

Reality School.

You’re far better than you think.

Time to change that thinking.

Your life – and others’ – depend on it.

AIRPLANE ENLIGHTENMENT. There’s something for everyone.

Observations on what ails the world  – with remedies.

“Don’t worry, we’re family here,” I said to the flight attendant as she passed the hot beverage across me in cramped quarters to my window occupying seat mate.

“We take care of one another.” The Golden Rule, remember?

High winds buffeting North America’s East coast this week made air travel in smaller planes uncomfortable, and any pass of scalding beverages in tiny quarters put one on higher alert.

But it was hardly life threatening.

Hurricane force winds blow across the world, perhaps strongest in the US.

Like gale force winds, it seems the family named “humanity” is pretty upset these days. So pissed that members of the family no longer speak.There’s a cost to that….

It is puzzling, bewildering and threatening that friends and family would host such radically different ideas than ourselves.

“How could they think that,” one ponders privately, judging the judger, convicting them of a crime of opinion.

In some cases,  family members want to kill other family members.

Or exclude them.

Or legislate against them.

Or deport.

Listening with the intention to learn – to seek to understand – is replaced with listening awaiting to be right. Or left.


It’s worthy of us to wonder if battling among ourselves advances us all in the long term. Whether we work together in organizations, or live together in families.

It doesn’t.

Gandhi, a wise, flawed human being, said, to paraphrase, an eye for an eye makes both blind.

Instead, what if we wondered how to co-create a life, business, governments and institutions that serve us all – on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually – so all thrive, all enjoy well being, all enjoy, all prosper?

Now I know some of you – even good friends and respected colleagues – will dismiss this as naive chatter. I have proof otherwise. Organizationally and institutionally. Relationships matter. The greater the Self awareness of the leader, the great the contribution. To bottom lines and relationship lines.

To be clear, Self knowledge bolsters results and relationships – professionally and personally.

But have we ever learned how to co-create a planet where all thrive – business, governments, institutions, global civil society and the planet – no exceptions


Time for that space shot. Further than Mars. Approaching infinity, but far more accessible.


Time to invest in the co-creation that future, which may be reached now, rather than one that makes one right and another poor.

To create that disruption requires Self knowledge. The only disruption that counts.

To know thyself. Be human fully. Fully human. It’s not technology.

It’s not hacking anything.

It’s not building something.

You are already built yet do not know the extraordinary power of the system and powers you’ve been given.

To thine own Self be true.

As within, so without.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

You can’t escape that lasting transformation begins and ends with(in) each of us (extraordinary, inspiring leaders are committed to this. I’ve proved this in research.).

You won’t like it because it takes time beyond quarterly results (I am a fan!), and commitment beyond podium finishes (a fan here too!). You won’t like it because your “auto-pilot” declares everything wrong except your rightness.

What if autopilot had, as its feature, diminishing returns, over the long term? (It does).

It will jar your temporarily comfortable lives. It will discuss undiscussables. Big dead white elephants will be removed. (Exponential growth arises from that dissolution).

The wise leader. First: Look within.

Clearlight Evolution.