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March 13, 2018

(Warning to readers: It’s not what you may think)


I just wrote to a well respected, Ted Talk accomplished, American climate scientist who admitted she had crippling self doubt.


Imagine! Someone admits this all too common reality on social media!


I thanked her for rare candor, applauded her heartfelt writing and invited her to write from that abundant space called self doubt.


I know this place very well also. A place of so much acute suffering; and so much sublime possibility.


Which is why I learn this ancient wisdom stuff called Self knowledge, that reveals the real nature of ourselves. (And it’s not what we think).


Then, I write, teach and speak as I dissolve the eclipse of ignorance that I am insufficient.


Sometimes that sharing is even from a supine position, with writing a means to build a ladder out of the pit of often brutal insignificance towards the embodiment of the reality.


To walk the talk. And embody conscious, constructive and contributive values.


The reality is largely unknown to us. But it is the reality – and a birthright: we are whole, limitless, sublime, complete, magnificent – and ordinary.


However, we’re taught subsets of significance, which is like teaching only fractions and not whole numbers in mathematics.


So you’ll have chances to sign up for courses like happiness, gratitude, mindfulness or other helpful but incomplete practices under the understandable but mistaken belief that doing something will resolve an existential crisis of mistaken identity. That learning fractions will make you whole (Note to Self: You are already whole! Know that.)


The knowledge of the Self is likely a life lesson that’s life long.


And it requires a patience rare in the feverish Western mind, a tenacity matching – or perhaps beyond – even the greatest of Olympic champions, and a faith that all you learned is a fraction of what has yet be seen. You’ll love what you will realize (partial list):

  • Meaning and fulfillment
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence (which means “with faith.”
  • Well being
  • Contentment
  • Acceptance
  • Prosperity
  • Relationships that flourish – professionally and personally
  • The leader / athlete / parent / person people aspire to

Moreover, you’ll love what you see.


You’ll love what we see.


Peter Bromley

The Wise Leader

Reality School at Clearlight Evolution.


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